Keri Winchester End of Life Doula

I am Keri Winchester,

I am Living and Leaving

I have a terminal condition – I am human. It is a fact that 10/10 of us will die. No one has gotten out of this life alive. As I see it we can embrace this reality or we can run from it.



“To encourage all humans to embrace life through making plans for and peace with death. “

Death doula care is non-medical.

My goal is non-judgmental support for my clients and those that surround them through the living and the dying process.  I work to provide comfort, nurture, inform, educate, guide and empower.  As we build a relationship, I can learn my client’s needs and assist with information gathering to support the client in making informed choices that align with their wishes for life and death care.

I will work closely with members of the caregiving and medical team to encourage communication regarding goals of care. I will help to find additional referrals or resources for needs outside of my scope of practice.  I may assist with planning, pre-death and post-death cleaning and organization.  I am also available to help create the environment my client wishes as they progress through their journey and approach death.  I may also sit vigil and guide others in sitting vigil as my client is actively dying.  

The End-of-Life Client Constellation Timeline

“What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die peacefully?”

~ Alua Arthur